• Candice Thompson
    Candice Thompson Co-Founder, Editorial Director

    Candice Thompson is co-founder and editorial director at { Dd } and contributes frequently to Dance Magazine, Pointe, and Dance Teacher.

  • Stephanie Wolf
    Stephanie Wolf Co-Founder, Managing Editor

    Stephanie Wolf is co-founder and managing editor at { Dd } and works as a public media journalist in Colorado.

  • Lara Wilson
    Lara Wilson creative director

    Lara Wilson is creative director at { Dd } and at The Assembly, where she also choreographs and performs.

  • Sydney Burrows
    Sydney Burrows Assistant Editor

    Sydney Burrows is an Atlanta-based dancer and writer and is the Publications Manager at Core Dance.

  • Jim Lafferty
    Jim Lafferty

    Jim Lafferty is a photographer who contributes frequently to Dance Magazine and Pointe.

  • Alejandra Iannone
    Alejandra Iannone

    Alejandra Iannone is a producer and freelance writer based in Minneapolis.

  • Annie Coggan
    Annie Coggan

    Annie Coggan is an artist, designer, writer, and professor at Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

  • Morgan Rose Beckwith
    Morgan Rose Beckwith

    Morgan Rose Beckwith is a freelance writer and gallery director at Arader Galleries in NYC.

  • Courtney Henry
    Courtney Henry
    Courtney Henry is a dancer, writer, and light bearer based in Berlin, Germany.
  • Cynthia Bond Perry
    Cynthia Bond Perry

    Cynthia Bond Perry is a dance critic and editor based in Atlanta.

  • Elizabeth Hudec
    Elizabeth Hudec

    Elizabeth Hudec is a Pilates teacher and a dancer with New Chamber Ballet in NYC.

  • Leah Gerstenlauer
    Leah Gerstenlauer

    Leah Gerstenlauer is a dancer and writer based in NYC.

  • Laura Bleiberg
    Laura Bleiberg

    Laura Bleiberg is a dance critic for the LA Times and a senior editor at Orange Coast Magazine.


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